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We offer both free beginning East & West Coast dance lessons from 6:00 to 7:00 PM before every regular dance.

Both of the programs are based on an open lesson plans. They will take about 8 weeks of lessons but it will not be necessary to start on any certain dates. If you come in to the program after 3 or 4 weeks we will try to catch you up on the previous lessons while keeping the other students on the scheduled lessons.

It is recommended that you have a partner because there will not always be an even number of male & female students. It is also helpful that you have someone to practice between lessons especially since there is a 2 week span between lessons. (In months where there are 5 Tuesdays there is a 3 week span between lessons.) We will try to accomodate single men or women without a partner as best we can.

East Coast Instructors -- John & Sherry Roedder --314-570-0365

West Coast Instructors --Rick & Lisa Gendron -- 636-937-7990

Video lessons and demos


This page is still under construction and the videos are not yet available


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